Successful T-Shirt Line

Firstly, Thank you ALL for your continued support.

1. You need a market before you need it.

$. Create Facebook/Social media posts about what ever slogan that will be on the shirts.

$. For instance, I'm a feminist so I post a lot about my feminist viewpoint. 

$. Stay focus! Pick a theme and post about it. Then take the theme and put it on a shirt.

$. Further elaboration: I had a conversation with a brilliant Howard student. She described Jada as, "Intersectional." The word spoke to me the way the word, "Entangled," spoke to the nation. I had already been talking about feminity & it worked. The day after I learned the word, "Intersectional"c she revealed she was "Entangled."

2. DON'T Reinvent the wheel.

$. Throw a spin on trendy topics & throw it on a shirt.

$. Dismiss the idea that you don't want to be like anyone else. Terrible idea. Be like what's popping.

$. It's okay to offer a brand to an established audience.

3. DO Reinvent the wheel.

$. If you are creating a "conscience brand," it has to be conscience. So if you want a shirt to say, "He gone be mad when I get my income taxes." You have to tell your following why he gone be mad.

$. So if your shirts have slogans related to income taxes...You need to be posting about income taxes daily. 

$. It is not a conscience brand if you are not educating people on something.

$. I think its really wack that people just throw stuff on clothes and don't even explain it. THAT'S WACK. Makes me think you are just making up stuff thinking it's a great idea and sucking money from your following with no real agenda. 


$. Don't bully your audience into paying your ticket. 

$. Make up a price for your AUDIENCE.

5. Drop shipping or Shipping yourself?

$. Drop shipping is when other sites make and ship the MERCH for you. Like: Printify, Shopify, Tee Spring, etc.

$. Or you can get the shirts made and you send it yourself. 

6. Do I make the shirts myself?

$. Unless you plan on making other company's shirts and/or customizing your orders... I personally think it is a waste of time & money  to make the shirts yourself. 

$. I just went out and negotiated with a local printing company. The first printing company I went to was AMAZING.

7. Advertisement

$. I buy adds sometimes. They don't bring me many customers. 

$. I just post, post, post!


$. Engage with people on the internet. Comment back to folks. Go comment on their stuff!

9. Ask people for feedback!

$. Take the feedback!

10. Content Groups

$. Have your friends and family share and comment on posts at the same time.